Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

For a JUICEe Time, blog

The Headboard "For a Juicee time, blog...." was inspired by the Movie "For a Good Time, Call...".

PlotKatie and Lauren are two incompatible roommates, their differences become more apparent when a disapproving Lauren learns of her roommate's occupation as a phone sex operator. However, after Lauren loses her job she joins forces with Katie to create a highly lucrative phone sex business and eventually joins her as a second operator. In the process of their venture, both girls start to become firm friends. However, a betrayal will threaten this new-found harmony.

Cast :

Result : It is not high class blockbuster. The Actresses are acting OK and story is quite one way thinking. But it is a nice DVD for a Sunday night for some fun with your girly friends. 

Quotes :
Lauren Powell: I don't care. I just found out that my person is no longer my person. 

Jesse: You're a great deal! You're like a Subway gift card! 

Katie Steele: You know you're not better than me. You're not better than phone sex. 

Katie Steele: Oh my gosh, you got me a gift! And it's pink! 

Jesse: You ladies are living some fucked up version of the American Dream. 

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