Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

D-5 : Christmasparty at the Kindergarten from little D.

It was just wonderful yesterday. Because it was little Ds first Christmasparty at the kindergarten and I was very exited.
I have to shorten a white dress of her. Because it is for the children with size 110 and her size is between 92-95. She is maybe not that bis as her friends but on my opinion, she is the sweetest one.

The Party began about 17 o´clock.
I was a little bit upset, because Tom told me that he probably cannot make it to the party cause of the work. But luckily my best friend Sabrina joint us and that made me confident.
The party location was in Lukas Kirche.
First, it began with small speech of Margrit. She is the director of the kindergarten. After that we saw a great Theater which was about Maria & Joseph and the birth of baby Jesus. The kids were so cute and ambitious. And little D did also her part very well.
She had to say : Eine Wollmütze auf den Stroh. :-))). She was so sweet. I was so moved that I almost cried. I was proud of my daughter and I realize how big she grew up. She is not a baby anymore.

In second part of the event,  the kindergarten kids gave a small gift to the parents which they made themselves. It was a claimed handprint form them and decorated with small stars and pearls and colored.
She was very proud of herself.

In the mean time my husband made it in the beginning of second part. I was glad.

At last they sang Christmas carols like "Oh Tannenbaum" and "Stille Nacht" and they closed the event.

It was just bigbig day for my family.


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